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Meet the AI Developers

Our Team

GPTBOSS is the brain child of Mackenzie Bowes, co-founder of Verdetech Inc. and serial entrepreneur with experience across ecommerce, real estate, marketing, automotive, fitness, and cryptocurrencies.

Verdetech Inc. is a Canadian Tech Company & AI Developer Team formed in September 2022, composed of Mackenzie, and Mitchell Schols, another serial entrepreneur with experience in restricted markets such as tobacco products & adult novelties as well as marketing home services, local manufacturing, sporting goods, and entertainment.

Together, Mackenzie and Mitchell have over 20 years of combined experience in business, marketing, and AI software development, with millions in revenue generated for clients and their own businesses behind them.

As AI Developers, Mackenzie has demonstrated world class expertise in LLM-based systems architecture (Large Language Model Applications), automation, and prompt engineering - many practices he pioneered using GPT systems in the first quarter of 2023 are now industry standard and promoted by OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT and GPT4. Together with Mitchell's expertise in project management, this small agile team is able to deliver high quality custom AI solutions in a fraction of the time of larger teams.

Mackenzie Bowes, Founder / Marketing & Technology

Mackenzie Bowes

Founder / Marketing & Technology

Mitchell Schols, Founder / Operations & Design

Mitchell Schols

Founder / Operations & Design

Integrate Custom AI Development

Our Process


Book Consultation

Use the calendly below to book a consult with GPTBOSS founder Mackenize Bowes and the other associates of GPTBOSS & parent company VERDETECH INC.


Proposal & Project Scope Creation

With over 20 years, combined experience, GPTBOSS & associates have the experience to help bring your idea to life with rigid timelines, in depth project management, and detailed scope documents to keep our projects on track and moving towards a successful finished product.


Development & Meticulous Execution

We've adopted the same development techniques and technologies as cutting-edge bluechip tech companies such as Netflix, Twitch, TikTok, Hulu, and Notion, as well as some of the world's largest eCommerce brands including Nike, Target, TicketMaster, and Doordash - leveraging these technologies allows you to massively outcompete your local competition.

As the leading AI Developers, we ship only the best projects for the best clients.


Quality Assurance & Continued Support

After the project is complete, we'll continue to support you and your business. The worst part of any development project is, by far, receiving a complex tool you don't know how to use, not only causing a feeling of buyer's remorse, but also a loss of productivity and a waste of money.

We're happy to stand by our work and ensure you're able to use your new tool to its fullest potential. Choose GPTBOSS when integrating custom AI solutions.

GPTBOSS Powers over 71,000 Businesses

The Right Company For The Job

Verdetech Inc., a Canadian tech company founded by Mackenzie Bowes and Mitchell Schols in September 2022, combines more than 20 years of high-growth tech-startup experience. The company's driving force is to provide state-of-the-art AI solutions that empower businesses to excel in their respective indsutries.

When it comes to developing and depoloying AI-based solutions, the Verdetech / GPTBOSS team is second to none. Our small, agile team has world class experience in developing solutions using GPT-based systems, cutting-edge technologies such as NextJS and NodeJS, and meticulous project exeuction. From inception to deployment, we ensure your vision is brought to life with precision and excellence.

Ready to harness the power of GPTBOSS and propel your business into the future? Contact us at Verdetech Inc. and let our team of AI Developers turn your idea into a reality.

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